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Need help choosing a gaming mouse and keyboard.

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User Info: somebadlemonade

3 years ago#31
yea razer as of late has had a rise in it's failure rates. . .

though ti don't want to support a company that pushes online drivers, since not everyone has decent enough internet connection to have it connected when they want to change settings, that's why i stayed away from razer, i'm trying to let them know i don't like that idea of always connected games, why on earth did they think always connected drivers was a good idea?

from my personal experience with a razer keyboard, a few keys broke and won't stay connected 2 months after the warranty was up, i went back to my $10 keyboard from target that was used for many many years before that razer and it's still working, i see buying razer products like gambling, you might win and get something that last a really long time, or you might lose and get something you have to rma a few times, or lose by if failing just outside of it's warranty period
and 8200dpi is a laser mouse, i don't know of any optical sensor capable of that dpi, and you have to watch out for some of the higher dpi optical mice, they have smoothing which might not be a problem but it does effect the lower dpi settings
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User Info: KamenRiderBlade

3 years ago#32
Mouse: Logitech G602
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User Info: thatfool12Gs

3 years ago#33
chase1234life posted...

Yes, Razer is crap. Great looks, cool features, crap build quality.

I actually like the Razer software fwiw.
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