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Okay, I need some PC gamer advice regarding PS4/XBONE

#21SteamsterPosted 12/7/2013 6:52:17 PM
elitelmo posted...
Steam controller? Lol

Stopped reading here.
#22BogePosted 12/7/2013 8:51:05 PM
DarkZV2Beta posted...
elitelmo posted...
Sweet replies. Can't wait to build a PC.

I'm guessing the logical thing to do is make the most expensive build one can afford and then go from there?

There's a pretty steep falloff in price-performance after about $1000, but as long as you're getting parts that present a good value and not just ones that are expensive, yeah, that's the idea.

I agree. $1000 is the sweet spot. Maybe looking $1200ish if you need keyboard, mouse, monitor, windows.
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