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It's been a hassle getting my first new gaming mouse. Wall of text ahead.

#1Kano92Posted 12/8/2013 9:24:18 AM
I been using a Logitech M310 wireless mouse for a couple of years now. I'll admit I've been primarily a console player for a long time. Now that I'm moving on to be primarily a pc gamer I wanted to see what the fuzz is about with these gaming quality mice. So I got a steelseries RAW mouse. I'm playing BF2 and it does *seem* more accurate but I think thats due cause I'm using a lower DPI and maybe cause I'm also using a higher polling rate of 500Hz. I'm not sure that it is better cause it's wired mouse it would be hard to test this.

This new mouse is good but like other mouse I've tried my thumb can only reach one of the thumb buttons just like the other mouses I tried that had two side thumb buttons. I think this is because I use the finger tip grip style to hold the mouse and these manufactures seem to think we all gamers are all palming our mouses so our thumbs rest right over the two buttons. Even this new steelseries mouse I have seems a little big. I may just end up getting G100S cause it's a smaller mouse and it's shape is like the M310 shape.

I was thinking of getting the G400S but who am I kidding if my thumb can't reach the furthest thumb button on my current steelseries mouse what makes me think it will reach the one on the bigger G400S mouse ? The closest button to my thumb is fine to reach it's the one in front of it I can't reach on steelseries mouse and couple of others I've tried, I can reach the further button with my thumb problem is I have to lift my hand off the mouse pad. I held the G500s at best buy had a hard time to reach the side button too.

To be really honest I was happy with M310 it's a smallish mouse it was wireless. Also what I really wanted was a mouse with some extra buttons so I could map prone & crouch to the those extra mouse buttons. If only the M310 had some side buttons. I'm still in the testing phase but it does seem that the steelseries mouse is more precise but thats probably due to me lowering DPI when I'm playing the game. Can any of you actually perceive lag between a wired and a wireless mouse ?
How many of you actually buy a mouse for the extra buttons ? I should probably just get the G100S and get use to contorting my fingers to the keyboard keys z x c v or sometimes L Ctrl. I alot of games fps games like BF2 which I play for crouching your suppose to use the L Ctrl key ? Theres no way I could effectively use this key.

I just have either get used to steelseries mouse I got even if I find it a little big but at least I have side button. or get the G100S and be happier cause is a smaller mouse but has no side buttons.
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#2reincarnator07Posted 12/8/2013 9:48:34 AM
First, that's not a wall of text. Paragraphs are great to have and more people should include them in longer posts.

It sounds like you got a mouse that doesn't fit your hand and grip very well. Comfort should probably be the first thing to consider when getting a new mouse. I'm certain there is a smaller mouse that has what you want.

The tons of side buttons were one of the main reasons I got my mouse (Madcatz MMO7). The other was that it was fairly large, which was great for me since I have large hands.
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#3Kano92(Topic Creator)Posted 12/8/2013 3:49:55 PM
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#4GarquillPosted 12/8/2013 3:52:33 PM
Get a Roccat Savu, CM Storm Spawn, or Zowie EC2

they have top tier sensors and they'll have more accessible thumb buttons and they're small (from biggest to smallest: EC2 > Savu > Spawn)
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