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Windows 8 using share to send email from OneNote or EverNote.

#1GabrezuPosted 12/8/2013 9:54:10 AM(edited)
Something that gave me a lot of frustration lately is the share function one the charms bar. I tried it in evernote, onenote and worknote pro and they all give the same effect. I just basically want to send the note using email, but I need to edit the note before sending it. For some reason, the email side bar would allow me to add more text, but would not allow me to edit the text that was in evernote/onenote/work note pro. I dont want to edit the note directly in evernote/onenote because those notes serve as templates for further emails. Is there a solution to this? Using android never game me those problems.

P.S. Im writing everything using my surface pro without a keyboard, so maybe when you use a keyboard everthing is fine. Let me try that. Id really like to note use keyboards tho.