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Anybody have the Cooler Master "Elite" 430 case?

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3 years ago#1
I'm at the end of my build, but I can't figure out what I need to plug in to get the power button to work. The fan at the bottom has a power connector so I plugged that in. At the top of the case are 3 cables: USB, AC'97 and HD Audio. UC'97 matches up with the motherboard so I plugged that in to the correct spot. I plugged the USB cord into JUSB2 on the motherboard.

What exactly turns the computer on? Is there another cable somewhere? I switched the computer on earlier by shorting 2 switches on JFP1. Is that where I need to plug something in? Motherboard is MSI FM2-A75Ma-E35
3 years ago#2
I have the 431. There should be a series of tiny colored cables that all get plugged into a rectangular shaped connector on the motherboard. Sorry I don't know the names of these things.
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3 years ago#3
There should be a cable bundle with a bunch of plugs labeled power (or PWR), reset, HDD LED, power LED.
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3 years ago#4
Found the cables thanks!
3 years ago#5
Next question: how do I get the front fan to work?
3 years ago#6
kalakdrin posted...
Next question: how do I get the front fan to work?

Plug it into a fan header on your motherboard or molex power connector. Looking at the case on Newegg, I think yours has a molex connector to power the fan, but also has an extra connector for daisy chaining. Just plug whichever one fits into an open molex connector on your power supply.

EDIT: I looked closer and your fan actually comes with a fan connector to molex converter. You can remove the converter and just plug the fan connector into a fan header on your motherboard. There is a 4 pin fan header below to your 24 pin connector. Just line up the notch on the fans 3 pin and it will work fine. The 4th pin is just for power control on more expensive fans, but your fan will run at 100% power on just the 3.
3 years ago#7
Ok I rechecked that connection and one of the pins was kind of pushed in, so I fixed that and now I have a blue led fan! Master race represent lol
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  3. Anybody have the Cooler Master "Elite" 430 case?

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