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Looking for a Hack and Slash action game. What are some good ones?

#1Rio_RyoPosted 12/9/2013 1:29:51 AM
What do you guys recommend?

I already have Devil May Cry 4, and Shank if that matters.
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#2HamBurglar69Posted 12/9/2013 2:29:19 AM
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
#3Brutal_FelixPosted 12/9/2013 2:33:17 AM
Path of Exile
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#4MashYouGoodPosted 12/9/2013 2:33:48 AM
Sacred Citadel, Valdis Story...
#5n00blet245Posted 12/9/2013 4:06:53 AM
I liked DmC. Most dont, but I do. Watch some vids and check it out, TC.
#6MaKhaosPosted 12/9/2013 4:28:27 AM
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#7sonicteam2k1Posted 12/9/2013 4:46:53 AM
DmC: Devil May Cry. It's a lot better than the fangirls say. It's been my favorite in the series so far. DMC3 I could argue is better because it's very good, but DmC has very good presentation and voice acting. And you can surprisingly do a lot with the combat.
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#8RoutineInsanityPosted 12/9/2013 4:53:05 AM
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#9sonicteam2k1Posted 12/9/2013 4:53:38 AM

here is an idea of what DmC is like
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#10Ticking_DeathPosted 12/9/2013 4:54:56 AM
Devil May Cr-Oh. To respond to the recommendation of Path of Exile, I'd also recommend Torchlight 1/2. In the vein of something more like Devil May Cry, I'd say the first two Arkham games are good. I can't really think of many hack/slash games on PC, honestly.
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