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How is Neverwinter?

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1 year ago#1
My wow subscription ends in a few days and I decided to take a break from this game and try something else.

I saw Neverwinter on steam and I wonder if it's any good.

If not,then what is a good alternative mmo to play?
1 year ago#2
It's not very good, which is a shame. It's strictly a dungeon crawler and has very stiff combat. For a game that takes place in the Forgotten Realms, it has zero D&D influence. The classes are handled very poorly as well. You don't pick a class, you effectively pick a spec. Wizard isn't a class, but Control Wizard is (and it's the only available Wizard), and there are only five of these "classes" to choose from.

However it is free, so there isn't any harm in trying it out.
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1 year ago#3
can't really say how Neverwinter is other than what people have said but for alternatives, I'd say Tera and DC Universe
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1 year ago#4
Its pretty bad, CatToy got the main complaints but ya....I mean go ahead and try it for yourself if your interested
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1 year ago#5
The class system, and whole game in general, seems very unfinished. Like they just said "**** it" and wanted to make some money early.
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