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Why are all the zombie games being made are developed by....

#11BogePosted 12/13/2013 8:19:12 PM(edited)
Relentless639 posted...
It's hard to make a zombie game with:
-small, but open world/enterables
-keep going from point a to b
-attention to atmosphere and serenity of a dead setting
-varied inventory
-slow but deadly and grabby zombies
-require caution to not alert the zombies around you
-can be played alone/coop optionally and don't be pinned down like L4D special infected
-no hordes, seriously, where the f*** do they keep coming from? Also in TWD TV series.

Imagine something like STALKER with (well made) zombie enemies.
Or maybe just something like REmake.

I think you have the same idea I do. I'm still waiting on that game. For some reason nobody can seem to do it. Bunch of morons making games these days. Yes, I'd design my own, but I'm not interested in programming it and can't find anyone else willing.

It shouldn't be a zombie game. It should be a survival game set in a zombie apocaplypse. If you ask,"What's the difference?" That's the problem with current "zombie" games. The developer didn't know the difference either.
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