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Which is the oldest game you have played on your PC?

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2 years ago#81
Phoenix for the Spectrum I belive. It was funny you had to load it with a cassette. "Eramos tan pobres" we used to say (we we're so poor) :P

On my PC,counting emulation via DropBox, Jumpman
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2 years ago#82
Lode Runner from around 1984
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2 years ago#83
Current PC and limited to PC games only... probably Dungeon Keeper from 1997 actually.

Including emus then I remember playing Adventure on a 2600 emulator, so that's 1979.

Oldest PC game on any PC... probably Doom actually. We had an Amiga until 95 when we got our first PC, so I kinda missed Doom at time of release anyway.
Oh, and we had the PC version of Syndicate as well. I sometimes forget that because I mostly remember the Amiga version. Both 1993 then either way. Can't imagine we would have had any older games...
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2 years ago#84
Not counting emulation.... hmm probably one of the Infinity Engine games or HalfLife 1.

Before Windows8 came out, most people probably would have said either solitaire or minesweeper.
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2 years ago#85
2 years ago#86
I used to be a Street Fighter like you...then I took a Spiral Arrow to the knee.
2 years ago#87
Starcraft on my current PC.
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2 years ago#88
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards - 1987
Robinson's Requiem - 1994

Both classics.
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2 years ago#89
Airborne Ranger
2 years ago#90
A game that I actually owned, that came out for PC and not something else first... Midtown Madness.
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