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Which is the oldest game you have played on your PC?

#91caalanuaaPosted 12/10/2013 7:00:56 PM
Phoenix clone, "Pheenix" in our ZX Spectrum+ or 128, can't remember exactly because I was 4 years old, I barely remember the computer for the strange looking keyboard and the cassettes disks. Oh how I miss these days,when I helped my brother to copy a 7 pages code for making diferent color squares appear on the screen. Nostalgy mode = ON
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#92MaxCHEATER64Posted 12/10/2013 7:10:11 PM
Colossal Cave Adventure/ADVENT.
Running through WinXP compatibility mode of the WinFROTZ emulator that I have stored on a ten year old cloud drive where literally the only thing on it is Winfrotz and like thirty five original text adventure games, their manuels, and Invisiclues.

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#93BIastPosted 12/10/2013 7:12:17 PM
On this PC? KOTOR.

FYI, Dosbox is an emulator.

Counting emulators, Mario Bros 3.
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#94InnoSINcePosted 12/10/2013 7:17:54 PM

never finished it
#95demonforgerPosted 12/10/2013 7:18:10 PM
the first quake
#96krillin4553Posted 12/10/2013 7:34:48 PM
Commander Keen. I believe it wad 90 or 91.
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#97ZeppelinFan777Posted 12/10/2013 7:38:17 PM
Wasteland (1988) then Doom (1993)
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#98mustained13Posted 12/10/2013 7:54:54 PM(edited)
I remember playing a game featuring Alf (from the TV show), Top Gun and one called Duck Boat or something where you had to guide a little red boat to pick up ducks and avoid the hippo.

It was either on an IBM, or ZX Spectrum. For the life of me I can't locate the duck game on Google.

Edit: Found the duck game. It was called Ducks Ahoy and I remember playing it on the Commodore Vic-20 (backwards compatible with C64). For anyone who cares to know...
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#99skyfire777Posted 12/10/2013 7:43:57 PM
on my current PC, that would be diablo 2, which is one of the first games i ever played as a kid
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#100a687947Posted 12/10/2013 7:50:01 PM
morrowind on this pc, but overall probably wolfenstein