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Can anyone recommend a cheap Laptop?

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3 years ago#1
This stuff is so foreign to me, I have no idea what would be considered decent specs for what I wanna spend (no more than 500). Anyone just have any good recs? Not even for gaming use, just watching movies and school.
Memories of Celceta competing for GOTY 2013 ^___^
3 years ago#2
What sought of programs will you be running? It's it just basic web/office?
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3 years ago#3
Ya pretty much, maybe a little Pokemon Showdown, and I may do some light Steam gaming. As I totally contradict my OP >.>
Memories of Celceta competing for GOTY 2013 ^___^
3 years ago#4
Memories of Celceta competing for GOTY 2013 ^___^
3 years ago#5

I know I'm over your budget, but newegg had these for $500 up to a month ago. Maybe lurking for a promo code may help or a sale may come along.

It may even be worth putting the extra cash in. [Actually, it is a nobrainer] The HD 8750m is GCN architecture, which means it supports AMD's new API "Mantle". Battlefield 4 will get patched for it and Frostbite 3 will maintain support for it. [So likely BF5 too, Dragon Age 3 and the next Mass Effect] SquareEnix [Eidos/Crystal Dynamics] will support it too. Thief will use it, probably the next Tomb Raider and such. I expect more to hop on board since all the game developers are already working with AMD due to only AMD being in both consoles.

If you're skeptical, wait for the BF4 Mantle patch and check the results.

Here was the original newegg page:

From Reviews
*Crysis Benchmark Tool: 1280x768; patch 1.2.1; Medium; 43 fps average.

*Crysis 2: 1280x768; patch 1.9; High; 40 fps average.

*Crysis 3: 1280x768; patch 1.3; Medium + Custom Tweaked grass/shaders; 30 fps (high grass area's) 40-45 fps general gameplay.

*Battlefield 3: 1280x768; Medium; 35-40 FPS minimum.

*Battlefield 4: 800x600; low; 20ish (unplayable at the moment, driver issue).

*League of Legends; 1366x768; high; 60 fps constant (frame limiting on).

*Civ 5; 1366x768; high dx11; 40-60 fps.

*Grand Theft Auto; 1280x768; Medium (turn off AA, shadows to low, reflections to low, view distance/25 detail distance/35); 43-45 fps.

*Morroblivion; 1280x768; texture size = medium, distant lands = off); v60; 45 FPS. (Fps can drop when rendering many NPC areas, but I'll blame that on the mod.)

*Skyrim; 1366x768, Medium (HIALGOBOOST gpu mod, 4 GB ram patch); patch 1.9; 40-50 fps. (Runs beautifully, the new radeon drivers (13.08+) offer increased Skyrim performance.)

*Mass Effect 3; 1366x768; High, 50 fps.

*Guild Wars 2; 1280x768; low/medium textures; 20-30 FPS in major cities (LA, Destiny's Reach) 40-50 in the wilderness/questing.

*Heaven Unigine; 1366x768; low, no tessellation, dx11, fullscreen; 45 FPS (1,100-1,300 overall score).

*Heaven Unigine; 1280x768; medium, tessellation, dx11, fullscreen; 25-35 FPS (735-845 overall score).
ASUS G73jh i7 720/Mobility HD 5870/6GB DDR3 1404MHz/Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Hybrid HDD
3 years ago#6
under $500 buy whatever is on sale at best buy/costco/etc
3 years ago#7
So can anything compete with what greatsquare posted? I went to a couple stores today and they couldn't get me anything near that quality with that price.
Memories of Celceta competing for GOTY 2013 ^___^
3 years ago#8
fry's/microcenter/ncix/your closest computer store might have something on sale with discrete graphics coming up for christmas so keep an eye out

otherwise you're mainly gonna get laptops with intel ulv i5s or crappier stuff with a4/a6 amd processors
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