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which pixel format gives best quality?

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3 years ago#1
ycbcr 444
ycbcr 422
rgb limited or full?
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
444 is probably going to give you the clearest picture. Highest sample rate for each channel (Y, Cb, Cr).

On RGB, limited does exactly what it sounds like - limits the RGB range. Standard/full RGB runs a range of 0-255 (0 being pure black and 255 being fully on whichever color). Limited RGB limits the low end to 16 and the high end to 235. Obviously, displays supporting full will be better than those with limited.
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3 years ago#4
RGB Full is best.
3 years ago#5
Killertruffle says ycbcr has higher sample rate tho. ISNT that better the full rgb?
3 years ago#6
Listen to KT. He knows his s***
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3 years ago#7
YCBCR444 looks softer on my LG

RGB Full looks a little more digital, is how I'd describe it

I used ycb for a while now and I just switched to RGB for some reason
3 years ago#8
I think YCB has a much better grayscale but RGB tends to blowout the blacks and whites more

really it's just a preference
3 years ago#9
It does depend on your display too. TVs are typically made with YCbCr as the format they're best at, while monitors are great with RGB. That's the general rule. RGB can potentially make shadows and darker colors a bit too dark to the point of losing detail, but colors can be more vivid than YCbCr.

Commercial movies - Blu-ray and DVD - are encoded in YCbCr, so keeping them in that format straight through often gives a better picture.

Ideally, if you have everything properly calibrated, you shouldn't really see much difference between RGB and YCbCr. If things are not properly calibrated, RGB can look more vivid, but YCbCr will typically provide a better balanced image without losing definition in the very dark or very light areas.

Again tho, it depends on your actual display, and how well it's calibrated. Ideally, there should really be no observable difference.
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3 years ago#10
I think RGB is better for PC programs and PC games since those are usually encoded in RGB... YCbCr is better for Blu-ray/DVD movies,TV shows and possibly some online videos since those are usually encoded in YCbCr..
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