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Help! Game runs smooth then all of a sudden freezes and stops responding

#1BlueAllenPosted 12/13/2013 8:11:40 PM
So I just recently bought Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

I played through Wings of Liberty on the recommended settings for my PC which had most settings at Ultra. I had no issues playing though the campaign like this and very few issues online.

Now with Heart of the Swarm however, even when I significantly lower the settings the game will go from running smooth at close to 60 fps and no lag to suddenly having the screen go black. Usually it comes back after a few seconds but sometimes I just get sent to the desktop and while I can still hear the music from HotS I can't get back in to the program and have to close out through the task manager.

Unfortunately this is happening all the time. Every five minutes of play or less. Usually it corresponds with something significant happening on screen like engaging in a battle or some kind of graphical effect taking place. I have found that lowering my settings causes it to occur a little less often but it still happens.

And again, the game recommends ultra settings and it runs very smoothly about 95% of the time. This is getting quite frustrating, especially since I'm not the most computer savvy individual. Any ideas?