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Does it take some time for The Walking Dead (S1) to pickup and become great?

#11Pal 080Posted 12/14/2013 1:09:23 AM
I thought the game was okay, if a little tedious in some parts, but the story was really gripping I thought, and it definitely grows on you as you go and there are some shocking twists and decisions.

I thought the game was a lot more fun playing with a friend though, it just seems like the kind of thing that's fun to take turns with so you don't get bored, and it's just like watching a good TV show with some pals.. much better than the actual Walking Dead show...
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#12Game-XpertPosted 12/14/2013 2:20:15 AM
Wait till you leave the farm, that is when the game picks up. Mind you at the beginning of every episode is somewhat slow but the climax is pretty good.