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Surface Tablet Question

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3 years ago#1
So my dad got a tablet for my sister and I'm trying to help him figure out which one he actually got/if he should return it for a different one.

He says he got a Microsoft Surface RT on sale during Black Friday...anyone know if the original RT was the one that would have been widely on sale or was it the RT 2?

Also...are either of these actually any better than just getting her a Nexus 7 or something along those lines (if prices are about the same), other than the fact that the screen is bigger on the Surface RT?

I don't live with my dad so it's hard for me to actually look at the box or whatever, so thanks for the help.
3 years ago#2
The Surface 2 has a big 2 on the box:
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3 years ago#3
Windows RT is even worse than Android.
Especially since FULL Windows 8.1 is being released in tablets for less than 400 dollars these days.
3 years ago#4
Ok...sounds like he has the first one then, but that an android tablet would be better than both of those anyways?

Thank you for the quick answers.
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