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New Mac Pro Launches Tomorrow, Starts at $2,999

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User Info: __Cam__

3 years ago#11
fuzzyman posted...
you mean people who have no idea how to cut a video, let alone infrared a voyeur or pull up a webpage

You clearly don't know what you're talking about.
You're awesome.

User Info: cynicwithin2000

3 years ago#12
fuzzyman posted...

I loved them so much when I was a kid. Thanks for making my day.
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User Info: runrom

3 years ago#13
I do like the cylinder design.
MBP 2009 | Intel i5 3570k + Powercolor 7870 Myst | HP Touchpad 32gb CM9 | MyTouch4g running 4.1
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User Info: Po-Rayu

3 years ago#14
I'm excited for it!
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