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How well do you think a 780 ti would play Skyrim at 5760x1080 with mods?

#1SmudgieMuffinsPosted 12/18/2013 7:38:02 PM
Decided to ask here over the Skyrim boards, since it's more a hardware question.

I installed everything under the recommended mods on this page. And realvision ENB itself, obviously. I did this on a 660 ti, entirely just for fun. It runs bad, obviously, but the game opened. And I can kill things. So that was surprising enough. I'm confident a 780 ti can run this all at 1920x1080 at a playable framerate, but how well do you think it'd do 5760x1080? I'm probably being really overly optimistic here, but I figured it was worth asking.
#2TheC0ndemnedOnePosted 12/18/2013 7:42:41 PM
The biggest problem would be VRAM usage. I've hit 2.8 GB with my GTX 780 at 1920x1080 in Skyrim.

Skyrim itself might also have problems at 5760x1080 when heavily modded. I'm pretty sure it's only 32-bit, and not very optimized, so it might become unstable.