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Amazon Winter Sale has begun, Aliens: CM for $1.99

#1redyoshifanPosted 12/19/2013 1:31:22 AM
#2ChromaticAngelPosted 12/19/2013 1:32:57 AM
that's $5 too expensive
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#3cosmic_assasinPosted 12/19/2013 1:33:25 AM
lol that game worth it even at that price?
#4PokenubPosted 12/19/2013 1:34:45 AM
Wait, they actually charge for Aliens CM? I'd expect to get money if I had to play that.
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#5-CJF-Posted 12/19/2013 2:15:34 AM(edited)
Yeah, I got Aliens CM for $2. There's also an amazing deal on a 10 pack of adventure games if you enjoy that kind of thing. Includes Black Mirror 2 and 3, Gray Matter, Mata Hari, and some other games for $10.20. I also got the GTA Trilogy for $6.99.

I was going to buy the Hitman Trilogy since it was supposed to be $3.99 but for some reason it's $12. Gonna wait and see if it drops. :(

Oops, just realized the Hitman sale starts the 24th.
#6calcyclePosted 12/19/2013 2:09:23 AM
I might get it. It's really cheap and I'm not coming in with high standards. I've played other mediocre games in the past so this shouldn't be too different.
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#7-CJF-Posted 12/19/2013 2:13:05 AM
Well for $2 you aren't really losing much, it's like 90% off. Besides... it can't be so bad that it isn't worth $2... or can it?

#8Bigj089Posted 12/19/2013 2:13:28 AM
Toilet Tycoon for $2?! I'm buying 7 copies!
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#9SUPER3METROIDXPosted 12/19/2013 2:17:06 AM
Wouldn't play CM even if it was free. The game is broken in every meaning of the word. As in full scale broken AI that does nothing, guns that don't work. It's worse than the Alphas of many games.
#10Whitebeard11Posted 12/19/2013 2:18:08 AM
Rome 1 and 2 for $35

Worth it?