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CS: Go or Source?

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3 years ago#11
1.6 or go home. :) (Sorry, had to be "That Guy" I play GO)
3 years ago#12
Source is trash, hit detection is a joke and is pretty much a random headshot fest, go with GO
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3 years ago#13
GO is a lot better, but Source is an essential for Gmod. GO also has marketable items, so you can make a bit of Steam money if you don't want skinned weapons.
3 years ago#14
Go has more players, looks better and is the superior game.
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3 years ago#15
We should take away their metal boxes!
3 years ago#16
I suggest CS: GO. It really feels and plays like 1.6. Plus they got modded zombie servers... I'm not sure if they have zombie escape servers though which I enjoyed a lot in Source.
3 years ago#17
Get go, sell drops and then have more than enough left over to pick up source if you want
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3 years ago#18
MrMonkhouse posted...
I suggest CS: GO. It really feels and plays like 1.6. .

I agree with this, for the most part. The recoil reset is far, far faster on CS:GO, which leads to a lot more strafe, burst, strafe, burst action.

There are other things obviously, but that's the biggest difference that i've noticed.
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