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How's this mobo for a 4770k?

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3 years ago#1

89 after rebate seems pretty good. Thoughts?

There's also this MSI one:

Would that be any better? I'm trying to look for a good 1150 mobo while not being too expensive.
3 years ago#2
Good enough I guess, but since you pick a 4770k rather than 4670k, why not get something a little better
3 years ago#3
How are those better exactly anyhow?
3 years ago#4
The MSI Z87-G45 has really good onboard sound.
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3 years ago#5
I have a soundcard already -- why shell out extra money if the ones I put up are just fine? I don't and will not as far as I know ever buy two video cards so I don't need extra slots. I just don't see the reason?
3 years ago#6
I agree completely with you, Sources. I didn't read enough into your mobo choices to determine this, but I really enjoy the BIOS feature where it auto-overclocks your CPU. It's the one mobo feature I've actually used.
3 years ago#7
My Maximus VI Formula had that auto-overclock feature. I gave it a try, and while it worked fine, it increased my voltage more than necessary. Put it up to 1.25V when 1.2V proved stable for the same clock. That Gigabyte seems like a solid buy though, especially for $90.
3 years ago#8
It allowed my i7 3770k to run stable as a rock at 4.5ghz on the stock cooler, so I was happy with it, haha.
3 years ago#9
So I take it my original post is fine? No one can conjure up a reason as to justify buying a more expensive board?
3 years ago#10
Has only one x16 pci slot and it's a budget board do you aren't going to get as good of a oc.

Budget board + 4770k ?

Also the MSI board doesn't support sli
Edit: the GB board doesn't support sli either apparently I don't know why tigerdirect says it do...
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