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About the Steam Holiday Sale...

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3 years ago#1
When did it exactly start? I just found out about it... and I didn't get to vote on the PREVIOUS community winner (FTL - Faster than Light).

Second question, was there a voice choice BEFORE FTL??
Lastly, can someone please tell me what the Flash deals were before the current one (which is Mirror's Edge, Electric Super Joy, Recettear, Toki Toki 2+)?

Thanks in advance...! I appreciate the help.
3 years ago#2
Started at noon Central time, no previous votes before FTL, don't remember the flash sales
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3 years ago#3
^^ Thank you, sir. Also, I meant to say "Community Choice" vote... it's 4 AM in the morning here, so, haha.

If anyone remembers what the previous flash sales were, please let me know..
3 years ago#4
the flash sales were:
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3 years ago#5
^^ Thank you.

So... looks like I neither own some of the flash sales, or don't need them.
Here's hoping to the next few days!
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