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how much of a bottleneck is my i5 760?

#1zeek778Posted 12/20/2013 1:02:37 PM
with my HD 7870 hawk 2gb vram and 12 gb of ram

earlier way Im waiting for broadwell to upgrade.

Im just wondering
#2EternalFlame66Posted 12/20/2013 1:03:38 PM
i5 760 isn't too bad really.

it's phenom ii x4 that's bad.
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#3zeek778(Topic Creator)Posted 12/20/2013 1:15:31 PM
thanks Thats what i thought

because i was on BF4s official pc boards and some said this guy gtx 660ti and i5 750 which is just a bit under the 760 was ancient and morons were saying to get a real pc with an i7 and stuff
it blew my mind how the pc users were this stupid
#4EternalFlame66Posted 12/20/2013 1:28:19 PM
it's ancient but it's not that bad lol
Such is your fate.
#5godplaysSNESPosted 12/20/2013 1:31:00 PM
It may be from 2009, but CPU performance really haven't improved that much. You could try overclocking it though.
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#6ab2c4Posted 12/20/2013 1:38:47 PM
I think you should be fine.