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Is there such a thing as a wireless monitor?

#1shuppet_is_dumbPosted 12/20/2013 1:20:37 PM
I'm planning on building a gaming pc, but a lot of the time I can't stay on the office room in my house and I was wondering if there was anyway to use the computer without having to actually move it. Would something like this ( ) work, or would there be too much lag? The distance is around 25 meters.
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#2SnadadosPosted 12/20/2013 1:35:13 PM
CheapyD, the owner of Cheapassgamer, uses a wireless HDMI device and he really seems to like it.
From what I've heard on the podcast he does it works quite well.

As is my understanding such things may not work too well if it has to go through a couple walls and there is a slight delay between control inputs you make and when you see the result on screen so I wouldn't suggest it for any twitch based gaming.
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#3shuppet_is_dumb(Topic Creator)Posted 12/20/2013 1:40:39 PM
Would there be any mouse/keyboard that also works in that distance?
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#4Mega_TyrantPosted 12/20/2013 1:55:30 PM
I've been thinking about getting one of these for my gaming HTPC.
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