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How's Saints Row 4 on the PC?

#1progamer664Posted 12/24/2013 1:17:00 AM
Worth $10?
#2steveboblarryPosted 12/24/2013 1:24:14 AM
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#3o0stoneduk0oPosted 12/24/2013 1:32:03 AM
I got it recently, its good fun so far.
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#4CourtofOwlsPosted 12/24/2013 1:59:29 AM
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#5NakkaruPosted 12/24/2013 2:18:28 AM
Where is it $10? o.o
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#6itachi1997Posted 12/24/2013 3:24:25 AM
No where currently
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#7King PazuzuPosted 12/24/2013 5:28:26 AM
Get SR3 instead. Much better game IMO.
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#8Majoras_pantsPosted 12/24/2013 6:19:22 AM
I paid full price and didn't regret it. Saints Row 3 was kind of bad so I didn't expect to like 4 so much, but it ended up being the best in the series.

So yeah, of course it's worth $10. It's really, really fun.
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#9ciraMegaSPosted 12/24/2013 6:20:16 AM
progamer664 posted...
Worth $10?

I'll let you know when you give me the link to where it's $10.
#10BlueRamzaPosted 12/26/2013 1:18:30 AM
I think they meant 20 bucks and yes it's worth it.
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