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How much money did you spend on your first PC you built?

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User Info: EpicKingdom_

3 years ago#21
idk.. I never really spent all at once. It was always component after component, but I can tell you a total is easily over $1000.
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User Info: futureops

3 years ago#22
555.345 US Dollar.

User Info: Rage_M

3 years ago#23
Somewhere around the $400-$500 range. I reused a few parts from my older PC since I have a shoestring budget. :V
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User Info: Kochipahk

3 years ago#24
I built my first PC for $850 in July 2012

User Info: DAENF0RCER13

3 years ago#25
Got my first one for my birthday. Around 750 I believe. Already had monitor and KB/M.
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User Info: Chewybacca34

3 years ago#26
Not nearly enough. I should've done more research on the components I got. Second REAL build was about $1500.
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User Info: dlf

3 years ago#27
$1200+ I'd think (given it's in my signature below) minus a few parts:

- I only 8 GB of RAM -- and I want 32 I don't care how overkill that may be
- I don't have that monitor yet, I also want another 1080p monitor beside me (and 2560x1440 infront)
I have built - Minus a few parts.

User Info: JSusie

3 years ago#28
$2000 or so in 2010.

I still use most of it today, but I rarely game anymore on it.
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User Info: RolloverBouncin

3 years ago#29
$800 not including os or monitor

User Info: Flaktrooper123

3 years ago#30
$2500, just a few months ago. My first self built.
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