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Would the Sonic Hits Collection go down any further?

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  3. Would the Sonic Hits Collection go down any further?
1 year ago#1

It was a price mistake when it used to be 7.50 for all of them several months ago, but I'd like to see if anyone has any "guesstimations". I do think 15 is a good price, but I'm basically just trying to follow the Steam Sale rule.
1 year ago#2
I'm guessing just grab it? I don't mind getting it now, but basically I'm asking if bundles like these ever go cheaper than the typical holiday sale price.
1 year ago#3
If anything, follow the standard Steam sale rule: Don't buy unless it's a daily deal, a flash deal, or if it's the final day of the sale. It probably won't go cheaper, but stranger things have happened, so there's no harm in waiting.
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1 year ago#4
From: zxelman | #002
I'm asking if bundles like these ever go cheaper

There's always a chance, but I'm not a mind reader and Valve and/or Sega can do anything they want... it could stay that price, it could drop to 90% off in a flash sale, it's anybody's guess really.

At the moment I can't even look at the steam store page to see exactly what the price is now and/or exactly what bundle it is you're talking about (yeah I know, Sonic hits... but what does that include?)

Amazon has a sonic everywhere pack on sale right now at $15 and I can't even tell if that's the same thing or not. I've been trying to load the steam store page for like 5 minutes with no luck.
1 year ago#5
They're pretty much the same. The main games I want anyways are the Sonic Adventures, Generations, Racing Transformed, CD, and maybe just to try out the other classics.
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  3. Would the Sonic Hits Collection go down any further?

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