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Any good survival games?

#11BogePosted 12/26/2013 1:40:38 PM
Don't Starve is the best "survival" game I've found. Many other games have survival elements, but they're not balanced well enough to have any effect on the gameplay. (Fallout, Stalker, Skyrim with mods, DayZ)
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#12polopiliPosted 12/26/2013 2:44:33 PM
Don't starve gets boring fast. I really liked miasmata, even though the difficulty curve is inverted.
#13JeebajeebPosted 12/26/2013 2:52:36 PM
Gonna vouch for Don't Starve... the game gets updated a lot, lots of things to do once you get situated like underground exploring and unlocking characters with different bonuses or negatives. I think there's also a story to beat but I never did that yet
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#14sfcalimariPosted 12/26/2013 10:31:54 PM
I got really bored with Don't Starve. Even if you know what you're doing the game is equally annoying and boring, and even if you know where to look for whatever you need to proceed, you can't find it so you just wander around being annoyed. It's the kind of thing I would have probably had fun playing on the SNES in the 90's but I just have no patience for that kind of game anymore.

Also it really suffers from random level design, which I've very very rarely seen done well in a game. Like other randomly designed games it just feels thrown together and bland compared to a game where someone actually sat down to build the levels.
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