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which card is the better deal

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3 years ago#1

upgrading from a 580, not sure if the 780 is worth $90 dollars over the superclock 4gb 770
(message deleted)
3 years ago#3
Yes the 780 is worth that extra $90
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3 years ago#4
hmm apparently the 780 is no longer $499 and is now $530
3 years ago#5

GeForce GTX 770 4GB $369.99 after $20.00 rebate (non-superclocked).

GeForce GTX 780 $499.99 Free 3 games w/ purchase
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3 years ago#6
ended up going with the 780. had to buy on amazon due to gift card covering half the price.

still got AC4, splinter cell black list and batman origins with it....except i own all 3 already, hopefully i can find some good trades for them or something

edit: i just got the game codes emailed to me from amazon, apparently its only 2 codes, 1 for batman origins and 1 for both AC4 and black list together. if anyone out there is interested in any of these games and has something they might want to trade for on steam(the AC4 and blacklist games are for uplay, but even if you had the game on steam they still use uplay anyway) they can contact me on there if they want. snapple33
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