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What do you guys think of my build?

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3 years ago#1
Been working on it for a while

Particularly want to know what you guys think of the motherboard and case. Is the case big enough? Is the motherboard overkill for what I have (got it in case I decide to expand)?

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3 years ago#2
Not bad but you might want a bigger monitor
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3 years ago#3
I always recommend a SSD. The case is a full tower, so it'll be pretty big.
3 years ago#4
Only thing I would say is get 2 4gb sticks of ram and not one, unless you intend to get 16gb in short order.

Also, yes to an SSD. They are the best. Even just a 128 gig one to run Windows and a few games on.
3 years ago#5
Thanks guys, the monitor is just because I'm cheap but I'll upgrade eventually.

Can anyone explain why two smaller RAM sticks is better than 1 bigger one?

and yeah i just wanted to be safe so i got a bigger case.

Is the power supply good enough.
Live to win, 'till you die!
3 years ago#6
Well, they can run in dual channel mode, which is simply a bit faster. It might not be noticeable at all, but you might as well, its about the same price.

Yes, the power supply is adequate, but at that wattage you're pretty much stuck on just one card (which kinda slashes your motherboard expansion plans.)
3 years ago#7
Now 2x4GB sticks would be better because then you can run in dual channel mode 1X8GB stick leaves more room for improvements later on (32GB ram so you have a 20GB+ ram disk)

Now you should have more than 1TB for storage space it'll get eaten up real quick especially with games. Also you should have an SSD for a $1200 build. |
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3 years ago#8
Guess I'll have to upgrade the power supply if I choose to upgrade or SLI, thanks man. I would get two 4gb sticks but that 8gb stick is so cheap its tempting as hell.

Also wondering, should I buy extra case fans. I have a CPU fan listed in the build but I plan on overclocking the GPU (as well as the CPU) so I'm not sure whether I need case fans as well.
Live to win, 'till you die!
3 years ago#9
Go with the 8GB then, it's really not a big deal. Also, cases typically come with a few fans, look into it with your case. See how many spaces there are for fans, and then if you would like, get whatever else there is open. But if you don't, it'll be fine. I've mentioned it plenty of times before on this board but I have a 3770k at 4.5ghz on a stock cooler with just the fans that came with the case and it has been rock-solid stable for an entire year.
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