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PC restarts randomly when playing games please help!

#1Kira0987Posted 12/26/2013 10:26:46 PM
So I have no idea what the problem could be. I built my PC in july so it's fairly new and just recently put in a good video card to play games. Now when I play games like FFXIV and Warframe it will just restart. This problem started a couple days ago when I bought an open box Gigabyte GTX 660 at microcenter. I tried putting that card into my friend's PC and putting his GTX 460 in my PC, and they both worked fine in our respective PCs. After I put the 660 back in mine it was restarting again. So today I took that card back to the store and bought another open box GTX 660 but this time got an EVGA super clocked.

I also never had this problem before, although the best game I could previously play was minecraft.

Could it be possible that both open box cards are faulty and I have terrible luck? Or does it sound more likely that this is another issue with my PC? I have heard people say PSU's do this when they are going bad, but that doesn't explain why my friend's gtx 460 worked in my PC (which uses more power than the 660). I've even tried using different drivers, but that didn't help

Here are my specs, keep in mind all of this was purchased last July:
-Windows 8
-Biostar TA970
-Crucial ballistix sport 8gb
-corsair CX600 600W
-EVGA GTX 660 super clocked
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#2ivanwind15Posted 12/26/2013 10:34:30 PM
My PC would restart itself when playing Borderlands 2 with a GPU OC that wasn't stable. Might be the same in your case.
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#3Desecrator805Posted 12/26/2013 10:42:33 PM
Sounds like your PSU . may or may not be going bad . hard thing to test . had the same thing happen to me and one day PSU wouldn't turn back on. Also possible your PSU voltage is sketchy , if voltage hits threshold , PC reboots as fail safe. Does the reboot happen while playing games ... Or random ? Try buying a new PSU to see what happens , if its still going on.. Could be your PCI slot going bad . doubt two cards would be bad... Especially if your friend runs it fine .
#4blogorogaPosted 12/26/2013 10:44:34 PM
If it's happening only under heavy load it's the PSU plain and simple
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#5Kira0987(Topic Creator)Posted 12/26/2013 11:11:01 PM
Yeah the reboot only happens when playing games with good graphics. The thing that confuses me though, why would my friends GTX 460 work fine, while the two 660's caused a crash? Also, one of the times when I loaded FFXIV up, on the second card I got, I didn't push anything, and the screen artifacted and then crashed the game, going back to my desktop, it didn't restart my PC though. Like I said though, even though these two cards are both open box, is it likely that they are both malfunctioning?

In regards to my PSU though, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with anything, but I've never been able to get real readings on the voltages of my mobo through both hardware monitor and/or my actual bios readings on startup.
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#6Bazooka_PenguinPosted 12/26/2013 11:22:16 PM
Did you memtest?
And did you plug the PCI-E power connectors into the GTX 660?
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#7YOeastonYOPosted 12/26/2013 11:25:30 PM
If your CPU/GPU temps get too high sometimes the system will restart itself.
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#8DarkZV2BetaPosted 12/26/2013 11:55:41 PM(edited)
It could be your motherboard. Some boards are finicky with power regulation, and have issues with randomly rebooting under certain power loads.
Try updating your motherboard bios if a newer version is available.
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#9WinpusPosted 12/27/2013 12:05:00 AM
Since your friend is willing to help by swapping sine hardware, ask if he'll switch psu's with you. It sounds like the most largely culprit to me. It may not be an issue of enough power, but the power distribution or cleanliness of it. Though corsair is generally one of the better supplies. Running a tx 750 with a over clocked 670 with no issue myself.
#10Tommy2GoGoPosted 12/27/2013 5:56:19 AM
YOeastonYO posted...
If your CPU/GPU temps get too high sometimes the system will restart itself.


Happens to me during hot days.

Since i live in LA, it's near impossible to play games during the SUmmer without proper ventilation in the room.

I keep telling myself i'll upgrade my case fans but I keep putting it to the side.

My desktop has this protection if it exceeds 80/90c+ it will automatically reboot.

If you don't have a proper PSU the PSU will blow up on you. Its happened.