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What is an exceptional controller for a Windows 7 64-bit computer? Help please

#1Silly_Squirl_GPosted 12/27/2013 3:34:54 PM
Alright, i got $100 i can cough up, and i really want a pc gamepad/controller.
So far I am thinking of these products:
•Logitech F710 (Wireless) $49.99
•Locitech F310 (wired) $24.99
•Razer Sabertooth $79.99
•Xbox 360 Controller (Wireless) $59.95
•Xbox 360 Controller (wired) $39.95
•Razer Onza TE $49.99

Please give reviews from experience, your thoughts, and other helpful insight. I appreciate it :)
#2Doomsday FortePosted 12/27/2013 3:37:37 PM
I have a standard X360 controller (not PC-branded, but it works just the same). I haven't had any issues with it, even with the supposedly horrible D-pad. I haven't really tried anything else, but I came from using a USB adapter for a DualShock 1 or 2 to it. And it helps because quite a few games on Steam have native 360 controller support, so no need to futz with a setup to make the game recognize your sticks or something.

But that's just me.
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#3fataliPosted 12/27/2013 3:37:48 PM
The xbox 360 wireless controller needs a wireless adapter to work in PC, and that is like another $40, so you should cross that off your list.

You can't use a play and charge kit to use it with cable, it just doesn't work.
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#4Bellum_SacrumPosted 12/27/2013 3:41:48 PM
If you are planning to use it to play games on emulators, especially pre-analog stick era ones, forget about the 360 controllers. The digital pad on those is pretty bad.
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#5SnadadosPosted 12/27/2013 3:41:52 PM
Get a wired 360 controller.
It is a well made controller, you don't have to fiddle with drivers and many newer games automatically change their in game icons and such to match the 360 controller's buttons.
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#6kill2thisPosted 12/27/2013 3:44:16 PM
Razer Onza TE-
+Really nice controller face buttons have a nice clicky feel, adjustable tension on analogue sticks is a nice feature, long braided cord.
- Horrible lifespan most people I know have been through at least one replacement, I had an issue on two pads where the left trigger just failed to respond.

Xbox 360 wired.
+Great support for majority of current releases, Xpadder easy to use for unsupported games
Lighter than the wireless version.
-Wired, I could care less about the .00002h ms delay.

Xbox 360 Wireless
+As above but add the fact its wireless so great for living room setups etc.
-Battery needs recharging/replacing

I haven't used the Logitech pads but if they're anything along the lines of other Logitech products build quality wise you could do a lot worse, plus Logitech customer support is awesome

You could also look into the Razer Sabretooth/Madcatz MLG/PS3+4/XBONE
#7SpazH3dPosted 12/27/2013 3:46:35 PM
Stop all your research and comparisons and get a wired 360 controller. It's the most compatible with PC games.
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#8Tony_Biggie_PunPosted 12/27/2013 3:53:52 PM
Get a PS3 controller. You can wire it up to recharge it so you don't have to replace batteries. You can play with it wirless. and it's only $35 on Amazon.

It also has a good dpad for fighters, platformers and 2D games. And by using Xinput Wrapper it is just as compatible as an Xbox 360 controller.
#9ShubPosted 12/27/2013 3:54:14 PM
SpazH3d posted...
Stop all your research and comparisons and get a wired 360 controller. It's the most compatible with PC games.

Technically Logitech F series controllers are more compatible. They support Xinput so they automatically support everything that supports the Xbox 360 controller, and they also support DirectInput, which the Xbox 360 controller does not.
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#10Tony_Biggie_PunPosted 12/27/2013 3:55:03 PM
Also, it is actually better and more compatible with games that don't have native 360 controller support(Older Dinput games)