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A question for those who play Arma 3/DayZ standalone

#11TheC0ndemnedOne(Topic Creator)Posted 12/27/2013 5:04:43 PM
CommonJoe posted...
More than likely you would be rubberbanding all over the place.

That sucks. Rubberbanding seems to be uncommon in some games, but a nightmare in others for me. I can play Garry's Mod with relative ease, but if I get stuck on something it's really jarring trying to get unstuck.

I really want a large online game with guns and vehicles that I can explore. I like the mechanics/idea of Arma 3 and DayZ. Is there any good way to test out the multiplayer for free?
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#12CommonJoePosted 12/27/2013 5:11:05 PM
bsballa09 posted...
CommonJoe posted...
Rest goes with tents (and it barely worked in the mod anyway so I don't know where you're going with that one)

Temperature was a joke. You only ever had to worry about it if you went swimming or on a boat, and even then.

And there was no crafting in the mod. You could combine certain things yes, but it was no where near the level of the Standalone.

Frankly you're full of crap or you never actually played vanilla DayZ. Or both, I'm not picky.

And yet they are adding everything I listed in the standalone.

And your point is?

1. I already said that whats missing from the mod is on the way.

2. Good job backtracking on what you said earlier. Care to explain why two barely working features and one that wasn't even in the mod are on equal standing with something like vehicles, which I've already stated is on the way anyway? Or are you just going to ignore how incredibly wrong you were?
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#13SythisTaruPosted 12/27/2013 5:28:32 PM
Why didn't they use Unreal Engine for this?
#14CommonJoePosted 12/27/2013 5:31:08 PM
SythisTaru posted...
Why didn't they use Unreal Engine for this?

Because DayZ was conceived as a survival simulator. ARMA is a simulator, and thus, is more suited to the original idea.
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