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Is there any style of music you like listening to while gaming?

#31daemon_danPosted 12/29/2013 3:56:10 AM
son_gogetto posted...

Bah, they're geniuses! Listen to 'In Venere Veritus' 'Sleepwalking past Hope' 'All Lips go Blue' and 'Funeral of hearts' I'm sure you'll like one of them. Yes they're quite a morbid band, but I listen to them more than anything else regardless of what activity I'm doing, and it still works

HIM isn't metal. And they're boring, generic goth rock at best
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#32Sir_TmasPosted 12/29/2013 5:35:33 AM
If I'm gaming, anything other than the BGM kind of freaks me out, and I hate playing games without sound, so if I'm solo gaming I'll usually listen to the BGM.

If I'm gaming with friends around, we will listen to pretty much anything except overly aggressive hip hop and all forms of metal, which to my tastes I believe are both self indulgent genre's full of ****

We have a Hammond organ right next to our TV though, so I'll often be listening to somebody else playing that too, and our whole house is a music studio with people consistently recording, mixing e.t.c, so I guess I'm listening to whatever they are working on too.
#33son_gogettoPosted 12/29/2013 6:11:14 AM
Oh and Hammerfall. Pretty much the best metal band for anything like Skyrim, or anything involving medievil wars, dragons, demons, etc.

They're like the love child of Iron Maiden and Dragonforce
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