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Vsync/slowdown problem with 755m

#1InfiniterranPosted 12/28/2013 1:52:57 AM
"I've had issues with my gt 755m where a game when it reaches 60 fps or higher I either get screen tearing with vsync off or noticeable slowdown (but fps counter still stays at 60 fps or higher). so like for example in battlefield 4 with vsync enabled i look at the sky and i get slow down, even though the fps counter is 60 or above. This is pretty annoying, but with games like borderlands 2 with a built in fps limiter I can limit it to 50 and it stays smooth throughout.

The only other game I've seen solve this is battlefield 4 when I put in the RenderDevice.RenderAheadLimit 1 command. Then I can hit 60 fps and no slowdown -- but it lowers my overall fps most of the time unforunately

I tried FPS limiters like nvidia inspector limiting it to 55 which let me turn on vsync and no slow down, but then I get some tearing.

Any ideas?"
I want one of these