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Realistically how hard is it for...

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1 year ago#21
It would be very helpful if you watch videos in youtube about how to to put together the parts, like others have said before, the hardest part is the set the processor and the heatsink, and a video would help you understand how is done, without having to practice with your own hardware.
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1 year ago#22
If you're completely inept with technology...It'll probably be difficult and not very much fun. If you're remotely competent its not hard, just time consuming the first couple times to make sure you get all the parts, they all work together/fit in the case/etc and then redo whatever you (inevitably) mess up during your first build.

I'd highly suggest having some other device that can access google/youtube(smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc) nearby while setting it up as well. It makes it a lot easier if you can google things instead of trying to re-read the instructions for the 11th time.
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1 year ago#23
not hard

- get money
- buy PC
- done
1 year ago#24
I had a bit of trouble my first time, like 12 years ago. Not a ton, but I had to keep trying to read about things. But that was before youtube tutorials. And I'm really dumb.

It's pretty simple though. Unless something small goes wrong and you don't know what to do. But that's rare,and usually is solved by calling a friend who's done it before.
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1 year ago#25
Easy as pie, if your pie outputs games in full 1080p.
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1 year ago#26
hard as a pillow
1 year ago#27
Realllllly easy. Only tip I can offer that hasn't been said is to be careful of static electricity buildup in your fingers while working. As long as you touch something metal beforehand and aren't working on the carpet in your socks you should be fine
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1 year ago#28
urtv posted...
easier that getting laid

I disagree. Getting laid is easier than you think.
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1 year ago#29
DerPancake posted...
I disagree. Getting laid is easier than you think.

Yeah, as long as you don't mind prescription antibiotics.
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1 year ago#30
It's not too bad. I did quite a bit of reading, watching videos, and talking with some people over parts, and things to watch out for, before I started, since I was putting quite a bit of money down for my first build.

Once you got all your parts together, also keep in mind things like thermal paste, fans, o/s. If you buy it from a store like Memory Express(not sure where you're from) they will even offer to install the CPU with paste and RAM and test it to make sure it's not DoA, but I choose to do it on my own anyways.

Also be careful of static. A lot of my "athletic" clothes create a ton of static so I wouldn't wear those and keep a anti static band on.

Only issue I had was something I forgot to read up on. Flashing my bios. Also easy.
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