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What the hell? Nobody told me you needed a UPlay account --

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3 years ago#21
It is stated at the bottom of system requirements, but it is at the VERY bottom, and there really is no reason that I ever read system requirements with my PC. It should be stated large and in bold somewhere.
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3 years ago#22
Hey CardigansFan, you need an Uplay account to play Ubisoft games. You're welcome, mate.
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3 years ago#23
arleas posted...
From: steveboblarry | #018

I've seen you say this right after an Orestes post one too many times. I think you should take a break from posting and/or just put him on ignore for a while. Alternately, just tag him as "EA DEFENSE FORCE" and then you can read that aloud every time you see his posts and save yourself the trouble of posting it.


Also: Uplay is annoying and I wish I could dispense with it altogether. It's not that I like it because there's nothing really redeeming about it. I especially hate the fact that the game doesn't update until UPlay updates it. If I don't play Far Cry 3 for a while or whatever and they update the game, I'll launch it thinking I can jump right in and play and find out that I have to update it instead. :( I guess it's a good thing that Ubisoft doesn't update their games a whole lot.

That's part of the appeal of steam is that my games update when they need to and I can just jump right in and play without having to wait. Thanks I mean Obama!

At the same time: the other reason I use Steam is for the social aspect of it... If I can't easily post screenshots of my game or statuses, or reviews or whatever, then f*** it. The only thing Uplay has over Origin is that I can somewhat easily do all that social crap, where with Origin I guess I'd have to add the game to steam as a non steam game and hope that it worked?

But it makes me giggle
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3 years ago#24
I told you about it.
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