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Why are there so many versions of Myst? Which to buy?

#1muffin_man97Posted 12/29/2013 11:57:24 AM
I wanna buy Myst because I always hear stuff about how great it is, and it's really cheap, especially right now, but there's a bunch of different versions on Steam. There's the Masterpiece Edition, realMyst, Myst V, something called URU that says it's somehow related, something and some kind of supposed sequel called Riven. What's the deal and which should I get, if any?
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#2xanthan1Posted 12/29/2013 12:08:03 PM(edited)
Masterpiece is a graphically updated version of the original and Real is a full 3D remake or something. Go for Masterpiece if you want one similar to the original.

Also how the hell are sequels different versions of a game? You do get that different games in a series are different, right?
#3Zohar_MetatronPosted 12/29/2013 12:08:59 PM
realMyst has more "proper" first-person control as opposed to the original's click-and-teleport-ten-feet setup. It's also hella uppity about working on modern OSes, in my experience, usually opting to slow its framerate down to a crawl and/or freeze entirely before I even get off the first dock.

RIven is Myst II, Uru is for all intents and purposes Myst IV. Myst 3's not on any digital service that I know of.
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#4RPGMattPosted 12/29/2013 12:09:06 PM
Get Masterpiece Edition and Riven.
#5muffin_man97(Topic Creator)Posted 12/29/2013 2:34:58 PM
Thanks fellas. Appreciate it.

And sorry xanthan. I recognized that Riven was a sequel. I just didn't know if it was an official sequel or whatever. Sometimes other folks pick up a popular game to make a sequel for quick cash, and I didn't know if this was one of those cases. Then we suddenly hit V, and I didn't know we were suddenly at 5, considering none of the others were given numbers, so I didn't know if we were talking 5 or just something with a V, considering we have 4 as something called URU apparently. I've never investigated much into Myst, just heard that I would like it, and I didn't realize it was a series. It made sense in my head. No need to get snappy.
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