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I bought Fallout: NV - Ultimate from GMG, but it doesn't say Ultimate on Steam

#1BendoHendoPosted 12/29/2013 10:47:25 PM
I bought the ultimate edition of FO: NV off of GMG about a month ago, but when I look on my game library on steam, it doesn't say Ultimate Edition next to it.

Is this some kind of error or is it normal?

#2AsucaHayashiPosted 12/29/2013 10:53:16 PM
check the DLC.

if still nothing then try and install the game and look for it.

if still nothing then contact GMG.
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#3matu90rkPosted 12/29/2013 11:06:24 PM
It's normal. Right click on it > Properties > DLC tab. All DLC is listed there.
#4sauruschamp1Posted 12/30/2013 3:34:10 AM
Yer ultimate is just a bundle of the game with dlc not like fallout 3 goty which was a whole thing.
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#5LordOfCinderPosted 12/30/2013 3:52:49 AM
Sounds normal to me. It's really just the same game but with all DLCs installed from the get-go. You'll have to check "Data Files" in the launcher menu or check "Downloadable Content" in the in-game main menu to see if you have the DLCs installed. You most likely should have them if you bought UE.
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