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weird pc issue help please.

#1Blueandwhite87Posted 12/30/2013 12:40:53 AM
when I play games my computer fans seem to be making noise but if I tilt the computer the noise stops then would I tilt it back the noise is there, any idea?
#2skychanPosted 12/30/2013 12:52:31 AM
video card? coil whine?
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#3Blueandwhite87(Topic Creator)Posted 12/30/2013 1:12:49 AM
lol thats why im asking, could it be a wire? since it stops when it is being tilted?
#4ryouma17Posted 12/30/2013 1:15:38 AM
sounds like it, open your pc up while its on and see if anything is touching the fan
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#5Blueandwhite87(Topic Creator)Posted 12/30/2013 1:16:52 AM
ok after watching a video on coil wine its not that at all
#6Blueandwhite87(Topic Creator)Posted 12/30/2013 1:17:54 AM
ok ill try this... hate going in there.