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Good co-op games?

#11BeknessPosted 12/31/2013 3:01:58 PM
Do people around here ever like to compete? I mean, it's not everything, competition, but I like competing against my friends for fun. Co-op is good, too, though. And... I'm not that great at words so I'm not sure how to end this. >_>

Anyhow; some not mentioned-

Torchlight 2
Sanctum 2
Castle Crashers
#12RheygarPosted 12/31/2013 8:37:50 PM
I enjoy playing Orcs Must Die 2 and Torchlight 2 with a friend. I haven't tried Dungeon Defenders yet but it looks fun as well, can play up to 4 players I think.
#13MangorushXIIIPosted 12/31/2013 9:27:30 PM
Get yourself a console, TC. They're a lot of good coop games that PC doesn't really have and most are usually local coop and are actually better than what these guys have listed.