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way to fail newegg(Canada)

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3 years ago#1
Shellshocker Call of Duty Ghosts for the PC.

comes up.....0 percent off, not much of a deal is it?
3 years ago#2
I think the "shellshockers" are just random items, actually. I see a lot of stuff that's got a small discount or rebate come up as a shellshocker with no further discount.

It's probably the free shipping.
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3 years ago#3
Newegg's Canadian sales tend to be pretty bad.
3 years ago#4
that don't mean jack though, we pay what? 5 or 6 dollars shipping? how about making the taxes on the game 0 percent.

I pay 13 percent taxes in my province. Thats 68 dollars total. The only way for that to be profitable to me is if I bought a ton of stuff and got it shipped to somewhere like Alberta which only has a 5 percent taxes, then got family from there to bring it with them the next time they head to my house
3 years ago#5
Ivany2008 posted...
how about making the taxes on the game 0 percent

I think it's funny that you think that's legal.
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3 years ago#6
MaxCHEATER64 posted...
Ivany2008 posted...
how about making the taxes on the game 0 percent

I think it's funny that you think that's legal.

No, there are days where some stores will have a "tax-free" day. It's only really tax-free for the consumer; the store fields the actual tax. What really happens is they just decrease the cost of the product so that a 13% sales tax would bring it to the original price.
3 years ago#7
Ultimate Sack is known for doing the whole save the taxes thing. The problem is that the border fees more than make up for the taxes on it. A 300 dollar Beanbag Chair(which I thought would only cost me about 400 after shipping) ended up costing me near 500 because of hidden Fedex Charges(not posted on the site, nor on the shipping manifest I got from the retailer, 2 months after the thing was already shipped to me(so I paid about 440 when I got it)

Tis why I don't buy anything from the states anymore
3 years ago#8
Oh god, tell me about it. It not worth being surprised with extra border fees at all. I remember ordering something and the courier service was like "There may be extra charges at the border". I only thought to myself "How bad could it be?"

Welp, it was like an extra 30% on my item.
3 years ago#9

The chair cost 280 and came with a free footstool(which I use every time I sit in it). 150 dollars border charges(a big wtf to me, but it weighed quite a bit(between 50 and a hundred pounds)), plus fedex later charging me 68 dollars shipping, and provincial taxes as apparently that tax free situation didn't apply to Canadians(Thanks again Ultimate Sack(Sarcasm)), so when it was all said and done it came to roughly 550 dollars.

Is it comfortable? Most definitely, is it worth that much....not really. Would I do it again if I had the chance? Probably not.

Just for comparison, I checked out a smaller priced item from their site at about 60 dollars(The refills I think it was), and the shipping was still 150 dollars. So it isn't based on the item price, but rather the weight
3 years ago#10
Shellshocker Call of Duty Ghost

Am I the only one who appreciates the irony?
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