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Help with my YouTube subscriptions

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3 years ago#1
First of all, let me say that I have had my account on YouTube for a couple of years now. I originally signed up with (and still sign-in with) a Gmail account.

Recently, everyone knows about the real name thing. Well now when I log into YouTube I get to pick between my "username" or my "real name" (I am guessing the real name one is tied to a Google+ account that I don't want or need). On the PC I always used my username and everything was fine. But now my problem is when I go to use YouTube on my TV (RaspberryPi running XBMC or Google TV) it is only showing the subscriptions through my real name account.

Is there a way to merge these subscriptions or delete the "real name" one?

Or am I stuck with having to resubscribe to all of my channels on the new login that it is forcing me to use?

I looked in the settings on youtube in both names and couldn't find anything.

Both the accounts are tied to the same login email.

Please help.

3 years ago#2
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