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How is Metal Gear?

#1sonicteam2k1Posted 1/9/2014 12:59:43 PM
I heard when you dice too much it tuns into a slideshow. Is this true? I should be able to max it with a R9 290X
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#2pothocketPosted 1/9/2014 1:01:24 PM
I tried the demo and consoles and it reminded me of why I stopped playing Japanese games.
#3SlaynPosted 1/9/2014 1:09:47 PM
pothocket posted...
I tried the demo and consoles and it reminded me of why I stopped playing Japanese games.

Just curious on what you mean by this. I played it on PS3 it wasn't that bad. Repurchased on Steam.
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#4TheMisfitPosted 1/9/2014 1:10:53 PM
Are we talking about the NES DOS port?
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#5Xantose161Posted 1/9/2014 1:21:08 PM
The game itself I thought was great. The port I won't know for a bit when I get to try it out, but most ppl seem to be happy with it.
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#6steker16Posted 1/9/2014 1:23:29 PM(edited)
all i know about it so far is it caps at 60fps with 30 in cutscenes. and you cant go higher than 1080 on your resolution. so if you have a monitor that supports higher, well too bad. also according to steam forums it uses always online for DRM and if you lose connection the game just auto shuts itself down
#7sonicteam2k1(Topic Creator)Posted 1/9/2014 1:24:00 PM
How is the performance? Does it struggle to maintain 60 due to poor optimization or is it all good?
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#8YoungAdultLinkPosted 1/9/2014 1:32:27 PM
People on steam with old Athlons and i3s are holding solid 60 unless they spam up the slicing thing, then it drops into the 50s. A 450 or better seems to run it pretty well.
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#9AsellusPosted 1/9/2014 1:35:41 PM
Runs perfectly smooth on my i7 920 with everything set to its highest settings.
#10promo123Posted 1/9/2014 1:42:51 PM
How much better does it look than the console versions?
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