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Today is my deadline to return my monitor. Should I? (Used Dell S2340M)

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3 years ago#1
tl;dr: Is $135 worth it for a 23" IPS monitor used for 700-900 hours in a Best Buy with some IPS glow? It's normally $160 new. If not, I need to return it today.

It's a Dell S2340M that was an in-store display item. It's a 23" IPS monitor I bought for $135. I got it in exchange for the same model I returned (that I bought new) for $150 because I couldn't exchange it for another new monitor since it was out of stock. The Best Buy employee told me it was on display for about 2-2.5 months and they turn off the monitors when the store closes, so it probably has been on for 700-900 hours by the time I got it.

Anyway, both monitors had IPS glow issues. I play dark games such as Left 4 Dead, and I can sometimes notice it when the power saving feature is off. There is no dynamic contrast; the monitor says that the power saving mode is dynamic contrast. My current monitor looked great (no glow) under Best Buy's very bright florescent lighting, but not so great under my dimmer CFL/incandescent and sometimes non-existent lighting (I like to game in the dark).

Here's some pictures of the glow I'm experiencing:
34% (looks okay in this picture, but if there is any room lighting, it brings out the glow. Looks terrible in anything but dark games):
75% (monitor default, looks best for most uses, dark colors look poor even compared to bright colors next to them):

I also notice that the left and right sides of my monitor are slightly discolored (too bright) with some videos and websites.

Think I should keep it since I got it for such a low price, or is this level of glow not acceptable even for this price? Thoughts on it being a display item?
Zachnorn - <D
3 years ago#2
If you don't mind how it looks, keep it. My wife just got this monitor last week and I think it's great, but it also has a slight glow in the bottom left corner. I'd say a little less than yours but same spot. She didn't even notice it though until I pointed it out, and honestly I wouldn't if I wasn't nitpicky about backlight bleed.

The savings doesn't seem like enough to really keep it if it's enough to bother you, which seems like just enough to go from that feeling of getting a good deal to slight disappointment...which is probably more important than the actual product for most people.

BTW, the settings I put it at that looks great to me (I've actually been using it more than her since I'm waiting on my new GPU so she's using my Catleap) are: Custom Color with 97 for all three RGB, 100 Brightness, 90 Contrast, 50 Sharpness, everything else default.
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3 years ago#3
Missed the second pic and the backlight bleed isn't even close to that on the one I've been using. That'd probably bother me enough to return it.
Lets Go: Lions, Red Wings, Tigers, Pistons!
3 years ago#4
You was in the wrong for letting them trick you into taking a floor model instead of taking up the warranty of the brand new monitor, or even going to a different best buy to exchange.
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3 years ago#5
Thanks. I will return it later today. Think I should get another S2340M (this time for $160) or should I get a different model from Best Buy? I used $20 or so from a gift card at Best Buy, so I prefer to go there so it can stay used. Since I'm clearly having issues with monitors, that's something I want to buy from a physical store rather than online. I am near Staples, Office Depot, Target, Walmart, and Fry's.
Sigs are overrated. Seriously.
3 years ago#6
Sigs are overrated. Seriously.
3 years ago#7
Not sure if it's out of your price range but If you play dark games then get the S2440L.. I use to have the S2340M and I couldn't stand the glow/bleeding in the corners, so I traded it in for the S2440L and find it to be a overall better monitor, especially when it comes to contrast/black levels..

It uses a VA panel instead of a IPS panel, so the contrast/black levels are expected but it can be calibrated for color accuracy that's very close to a calibrated IPS monitor. The only downsides I can think of when it comes to picture quality are the glossy screen, viewing angles (when compared to IPS) and slight inverse ghosting on certain colored backgrounds..

The whole Dell S series lineup suffers from slight inverse ghosting which is due to overdrive that can't be turned off, so there's nothing you can do about that, other than buying a monitor that's not in the series.. All of the S series have glossy screens too so you also can't do anything, other than what I mentioned above but some people (Like me) actually prefer glossy screens.. The viewing angles are worse on the S2440L but still much, much better than TN viewing angles. I barely notice it unless I'm looking at the monitor from extreme angles..

Anyway, hopefully you find the monitor fulfills your needs and fits your budget! Good luck!
3 years ago#8
I see that Amazon has it for $192, and Best Buy price matches Amazon. It's a bit out of my budget, but as someone that also prefers glossy monitors and can't seem to find anything that's glossy, not TN, 23" or larger, 1080p, and under $170, that may be it. If anything, the extra cost will be worth not having to worry about that IPS glow and dealing with more returns when playing the IPS lottery.

My only concern is that I did see the S2440L in Best Buy, and it looked washed out compared to the S2340M. How much calibrating was required to make it look as vibrant as an IPS monitor? I'm usually staring directly at my monitor (but I do look down slightly) so the viewing angles don't concern me as much as image quality.

EDIT: Also, do you notice any input lag? I heard of it being a problem on VA panels when gaming.
Sigs are overrated. Seriously.
3 years ago#9
The washed out look could be due to a bug Nvidia and Intel graphics drivers have with monitors using HDMI.. You can read more about it at the first link below.. If you have a Nividia card you can use a fix in the 2nd link. Just apply it after you installed the Nividia drivers.. AMD drivers don't have any issues with HDMI monitors so you're in the clear if you have a AMD card.. The S2340M uses DVI so it's no affected..

Also, I can confirm that the S2440L looked washed out until I used the fix above.. The colors look great and the blacks are the deepest of any monitor I owned..

Edit - Here's a website that did a in depth review for the S2440L. According to them, the monitor has "Very low level of input lag" and is " perfectly fine for gaming". I haven't noticed any lag in games my self either..
3 years ago#10
Thanks, that is very helpful. I actually saw the washed out colors at a Best Buy display (and I don't know which port was used for hooking it up) and it was a bit above eye level, so I'm hoping it was just an issue with the computer (or splitter, whatever) that they hooked it up to or the viewing angle. I'm going to try to pick it up today then, and I'll post about my experiences with it. I have an AMD video card, so I should be fine.
Sigs are overrated. Seriously.
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