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Early Access has gone way too far.

#21snesmaster40Posted 1/15/2014 6:37:22 PM
Orestes417 posted...
Wait what? I was under the impression Ghost Recon Online was already in existence as a playable F2P game.I know I've seen videos of Pwnstar and Jackfrags playing it.

Yeah it is F2P. I think it's still in beta so that's probably why it's going in the early access area.
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#22AltmadragonPosted 1/15/2014 6:38:07 PM
is this like topic #5 today of this using the same links?

get some new material
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#23TimePharaohPosted 1/15/2014 6:39:30 PM(edited)
snesmaster40 posted...
Orestes417 posted...
Wait what? I was under the impression Ghost Recon Online was already in existence as a playable F2P game.I know I've seen videos of Pwnstar and Jackfrags playing it.

Yeah it is F2P. I think it's still in beta so that's probably why it's going in the early access area.

Literally exactly the point. The game is finished they're just beta testing TC is mad that they want to test their servers to make sure they're ready for the actual release, and that it's on a convenient platform to do that instead of Uplay?

“During our early access phase, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online will be available to Steam users in Canada only. This will help us to deliver the best experience possible and ensure that we can fully support our player base. Look out for the full release of the game in supported countries in 2014!”

I loled.

Dat topic 11/10
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#24DaLagga(Topic Creator)Posted 1/15/2014 6:42:31 PM
Slayn posted...
What's the difference between paying $60 for a pre-order and paying $60 for early access and being able to play alpha/beta?

I paid $60 for BF4 and was invited to the closed beta. This was a perk of pre-ordering. What if they said "Battlefield 4 Early Acess Beta" instead of "Battlefield 4 Pre-Order Beta"? Would you still be as butthurt?

There's a number of differences.

1. Betas are usually free. Yes, sometimes they are pre-order bonuses but even in those cases pre-ordering usually just means you have access to the beta earlier than everyone else. With the current system, why would any developer have free beta tests when they can get people to pay full price for an alpha?

2. It encourages developers to release incomplete games. Normal retail games have a release date and so all promised content must be available on that specified date or customers are going to get angry and the lack of content will be reflected in reviews which will hurt sales. With Early Access, there's far less pressure on developers to meet their goals on time since they already have your money.

3. Developers have less of a reason to fulfill their promises. As in point #2, they already have your money. And unlike a normal retail game where you can look at professional and user reviews to see what a game is like on the day it becomes available, Early Access games can charge full price for incomplete products and typically reviews aren't available (aside for forum posts on Steam).

Those are just a few of the differences off the top of my head, and I'm sure people could list many more.
#25AnatomyHorrorPosted 1/15/2014 6:43:41 PM
The game is free to play who gives a f***? It's been in open beta for like 2 years. Might as well come out on steam since it's currently only available through uplay.
#26DaLagga(Topic Creator)Posted 1/15/2014 6:45:31 PM
TimePharaoh posted...
You link to an article specifically talking about GRO, mention multiple times "this is going too far", Nope.avi try again buddy you just done goofed.

Who cares if the cash shop is working? Again, you're complaining about being able to play a free game early, and complaining about it, because, er, you could maybe buy items if you wanted while playing your free game?

Oh and protip chief, it's already available to download and there's no shop. Double derpfaqs, gg bro.

It's not a "free" game. It's a freemium game - big difference. Interesting though how you choose to quibble about GRO while ignoring all the other valid points I have made and those by Jim Sterling. Stop dodging the issue and post a valid reply.
#27daemon_danPosted 1/15/2014 7:06:00 PM
Okay I don't know if someone else has posted it or not in this topic yet. But here goes. Early Access games are NOT COMPLETE GAMES, and that is CLEARLY marked on the game's store page. Early access is NOT to build money in the early stages of the game development, though that does help. Early Access is for f***ing BETA TESTING for people excited about the game who want to be part of the process of making it BETTER. If you don't want to play something with bugs, that could be potentially broken and not at all representative of the finished product, DO NOT BUY EARLY ACCESS. Just buy it when it comes out. Jesus have you all become so stupid that you have to COMPLAIN about getting access to a game when you've pre-ordered it? Cause that's basically what early access is. Pre-ordering but with the benefit of playing an early version of it.
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#28DiviDudePosted 1/15/2014 7:09:54 PM
Thanks TC for reenforcing negative stereotypes about gamers. We appreciate it.
#29calcyclePosted 1/15/2014 7:22:07 PM
I've actually played in the beta of this game and it is quite alright. its cover based shooting with a lot of dives and rolls. I liked it for a f2p.
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#30exclusiveburnerPosted 1/15/2014 7:22:17 PM
Honestly unless the game is really good or has a ton of potential it won't do well anyway. DayZ is a prime example of a game doing great, because it is great and has a ton of potential. People are genuinely having a great time with it. The games that are getting bad feedback aren't showing much increased sales, and once word spreads that they suck...people stop supporting and will likely pass on the full released product.

Early Access is a good idea, but people are making some bad purchases straight up. I bought Arma 3 early access and after that I've decided "No More"...

If any of these games turn out to be great, it will be known, review scores will be in, and the boards will be talking about it. Then, and only then I'll decide to pick it up or not.