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Recommended PSU for a full-tower case?

#1rab123Posted 1/16/2014 5:37:32 AM
I currently have a mid-tower case and am going to upgrading soon. The problem with my current PSU is that the cables are a bit short, even for a mid-tower case. There is nothing wrong with the current PSU but I am afraid when I upgrade to the new case, the cables will not reach all of the components.

The PSU is this one:

And the case I am upgrading to is this one:

Are my concerns unfounded with this case? If anyone has any recommendation on a PSU, that would be great. I am not using SLI/Xfire.

#2WinpusPosted 1/16/2014 6:18:49 AM
The cord you'll have to worry about is the extra CPU power plug. It probably won't be long enough to run through the cable management system in the case, you'll probably need to run it over the board. Even then, if you measure the length of that cable, if it's 24" you'll have no problems with that.
#3someflamablekidPosted 1/16/2014 6:54:59 AM
TC you could always buy extension cords. Check ebay. Some companies in China sell 6" extensions for less than $1 shipped. Sure it might take 2 weeks or so to arrive but it may be worth it.

Just an option.