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Extra Splinter Cell: Blacklist key

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User Info: UddersAndBlades

3 years ago#51
Thanks for the generosity TC!
Look! The East is burning red!

User Info: Clique_Killa

3 years ago#52
I'm throwing my hat into the ring. I never win random stuff though.
Killa of Cliques

User Info: Airbly2k1

3 years ago#53

User Info: LtMessiahDM504

3 years ago#54
If this game is anything like Conviction, I will play the **** out of it. Never understood why people didn't like Conviction. I had a blast with it.

User Info: Tony_Biggie_Pun

3 years ago#55

User Info: exploseph51

3 years ago#56
I'll play with you bb

User Info: Sir_Tmas

3 years ago#57
I'll have a post - cheers TC!

User Info: amsklei

3 years ago#58
I'll throw my hat into the ring, haven't played a SC game in awhile but it usually good fun. I never win random things usually so it will at least be another post in our climb to 200.

User Info: jurrian91

3 years ago#59
Magnetic force, Jack!
Nature's force!

User Info: GyslexicDuy

3 years ago#60
I wouldn't mind playing this, so might as well post.
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