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Extra Splinter Cell: Blacklist key

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3 years ago#61
Let's go

And thanks TC.
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3 years ago#62
sure, why not? xD
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3 years ago#63
Might as well give it a shot. Thanks TC, this is an awesome giveaway.
This story is not an end yet.
Because only you are in the infinity loop.
3 years ago#64
posting and hoping
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3 years ago#65
Been really wanting to play this game.

I have always tried to be a kind gentleman at all times on the forums for the many years I have been a memeber.

Thank for the oppotunity to participate.

3 years ago#66
I don't even know if i have 1 year of account... i probably have.
Oh well. I would like that to play with my friend (but i will make him buy, since i'm not as rich as him XD)
3 years ago#67
SC:Blacklist get!

Thanks in advance.
I'm A Man of Principles, Damn Near Invincible
3 years ago#68
Already own the game on Steam, and it's great. So I'll post just to get the count closer to 200.

Actually it would be pretty funny if I got the key now.
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3 years ago#69
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Gamertag: The Evil Zombie / PSN: invincibleonion
3 years ago#70
Hope its me!
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