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I want to hook up an ethernet cable to my Laptop+PS3. But router is in garage.

#1Cocopups0Posted 1/18/2014 4:36:08 AM
- Live in a two story house

- Want to hook up an ethernet cable to my Laptop or PS3 so I can get the best connection possible when surfing the internet, or playing PS3 /Ps4 games online

- Issue?Step dad has the router in the garage, so I can't access it from upstairs with a wired connection . Even if it weren't in the garage, it'd be in another part of the house, which I wouldn't be able to access unless I kept going downstairs. Obviously I'm getting wireless connection, but from what i've heard (and experienced first hand in regards to online gaming a few years back) wired>wireless

With that said, what are my options? I heard that powerline adapters solve this, but what would be the best and most affordable one? To avoid paying $100 if it has components or features that I don't even need.

Would the $30 Adapter be okay? What would you suggest?
#2ChetyrePosted 1/18/2014 6:05:16 AM
just run the wire through the walls. Max length for an ethernet cable is 100 meters between connecting equipment.
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