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Are 16GB Download speeds possible? or was this guy full of ****

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3 years ago#41

it could be possible
3 years ago#42
I was talking to some cable guy and he claimed Google Fiber has 80GB download speeds.... I didn't believe him, but it maybe some day cable guy.
3 years ago#43
R_Brock posted...
SpazH3d posted...
Jtenka posted...
HydroCannabinol posted...
Lol you believed him.

Not for a second. This argument went on for quite a while.

You made this thread anyway, so you have a tiny shred of doubt. I would be surprised if the guy claiming this is over the age of 14.

It's not that he believed him. He probably just wanted to double check that there wasn't some reason he was mistaken in his position. There is a certain level of humbleness and maturity to be fairly certain of something for solid reasons, but be willing to double check anyway, because, "what if my knowledge is out of date?". There's nothing wrong with being open to the possibility that you're wrong (even if the possibility is slim).

After all there are connection speeds/types typically not available to the run of the mill consumer or business. There's no particular reason why someone would be well informed about those sorts of connections. So why not get some consensus?

This is exactly the reason why I posted, it was just to make sure that I wasn't falsely accusing somebody of being a liar.
GT - Jtenka
3 years ago#44
kingoffps posted...
R_Brock posted...
Methinks he doesn't know the difference between gigabits and gigabytes.

Or he's just one of those compulsive liar types, who says stuff to try and be cool. And mostly no one challenges him, whether they believe him or not.

I wouldn't be surprised, even if you were to talk to Bellsouth directly and they were to tell the both of you, at the same time, that they don't offer anything anywhere close to 16GB that he would still maintain his claims, because magic. Some people are just difficult like that. Clinging to an insane belief is preferable to reality.

And I've heard some whopppers in my day.

My friend Joe, back in the 90's claimed he put computer chips into his NES so it ran games better and with better graphics. Of course since the hardware architecture is completely different this is impossible. And since the graphics are hardcoded sprites, aside from filter techniques used in emulators graphics just don't magically get better.

There was a guy I once played Xwing Alliance with who claimed he had a special Pentium based PC with a dial on the front that he could turn from 200mhz to 600mhz, and he had to turn it down for Xwing Alliance, otherwise the game would run to fast. This was before the Pentium 3 had reached 600mhz speeds. Not to mention that most modern software doesn't base its speed off the processor speed.

All the people who claimed to have dual processor system (before dual cores) in the 90's and were under the belief that two 400mhz processors basically made one 800mhz processor. And that some magic process happened that allowed Windows and all software to directly benefit from that scheme.

My friend Bob claimed in 1999 that so-and-so had a T1 and could download the entire internet in a second. Hah. I wonder what ever happened to Bob.

People like to lie, or they like the fantasies that they construct for themselves, that seem plausible enough because they don't know why it's not.

When I was in late Primary School (Elementary School for U.S.A'ians), there was a kid who tried to claim that if you enter the right controller combination on the Sega Saturn, you can actually delete glitches from the game you're playing. And that he did this regularly.

Some people are just liars for the sake of it.

These stories about lies have been hilarious. I think I'll make a new thread about this. This could create some interesting and funny stories.
GT - Jtenka
3 years ago#45
16GB is possible, but 16GiB is another story!
Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.
-Albert Einstein
3 years ago#46
MadPinoRage posted...
16GB is possible, but 16GiB is another story!

Would that be Gigabyte and Gigabit?
GT - Jtenka
3 years ago#47

this is actually interesting, wonder what price we'd have to pay for speeds like that
3 years ago#48
did he say Gb or GB? The 'B' being capitalized actually makes a huge difference
It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum
3 years ago#49
shdwdrgnix posted...

this is actually interesting, wonder what price we'd have to pay for speeds like that

Did you read the comments lmao?

186gb download speed - Give Singapore a few months and they'll have that speed up and running for basic users for a monthly fee of about $39.99. Next Korea will do the same thing. We are so far behind the times in speed vs cost. Keep on Occupying

Genius xD
GT - Jtenka
3 years ago#50
Hanlo_is_back posted...
did he say Gb or GB? The 'B' being capitalized actually makes a huge difference

Well it depends which one is capable of downloading 6gb of a game in 2 seconds lol.

Whichever can would be that one..
GT - Jtenka
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